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Mach mit - bleib fit!

Hi all,

I got a couple of things and try to keep it short as usual.

1.New video is out: My latest project called `Traitors´, a two parter series I am doing with my buddy and Teammate Tyler Mc Caul is finally now online with the first episode.

 Enjoy and feel free to share if you can. 

 2. SWR TV appereance: This considers only the german speaking people: Check out SWR on the 7th of october at 20.15pm if you like. A big documantery about the area I live including a part of my daily doings. Around half a million people get to see this one, which I think is cool.

3. Videoshoot Madeira: Beginning of september I went to Madeira/Portugal with Motion Media Films to shoot another video on my Enduro Bike. This is a special one for me and I honestly can`t wait to show you what we came up with. Attached a few impressions.

 Thanks for reading.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Yours sincerely
Amir Kabbani 

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